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If you have topped up your line and you still see this page, Kindly disconnect your internet connection and reconnect to start enjoying your just loaded credit

You may be seeing this page because you are no longer able to access the internet or because your Blackberry/Smartphone plan does not support access to the site you are trying to visit.

In the second case i.e. if you are subscribed to the Blackberry/Smartphone plan, you can continue browsing on other sites which your plan allows you to access.

Alternatively, you can top-up your credit using a recharge card or login in here to recharge via etop-up to continue enjoying seamless access.

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Please note that you may need to opt in to a data plan to enjoy a discounted billing(i.e. NOT at pay as you go rate).
You can verify that you are on a data plan by using the SIM STK menu or by dialing *228#
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